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The College of Model Shipbuilding

The College of Model Shipbuilding is what it's about here at the Lauck Street Shipyard. It's about progressive learning. It's about innovation. It's about techniques that work. Nine years in the making, our exclusive model ship building courses will teach you every aspect of the hobby.

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Freshman Courses

Our Freshman Courses are based on several popular model ship kits and are perfect for new modelers. These courses assume that you've never built a model ship before and take you through the complete construction of the subject model.

Sophomore Courses

Our Sophomore Courses are based on several popular model ship kit and are perfect for modelers with some ship modeling experience who want to improve on their skills and learn new techniques.

Junior Courses

Ready to take it to the next level? Our Junior Courses will show you how to kit bash a model ship to improve it's quality and make it more accurate.

Senior Courses

Tired of building kits and want to build a true Plank on Frame model from scratch? Then our Senior courses are jut what you're looking for

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Progressive Learning
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Other Practicums

Rigging Model Ships

Our Rigging Model Ships practicum is based on the book Rigging Period Ship Models by Lennarth Petersson. That book features drawings of every rigging line on a ship but has no supporting text whatsoever. This practicum goes through each page in the book and explains what the line is, how it is used, and in many cases, the different ways it was rigged in different time periods. The practicum contains photos of how lines are attached to masts and yardarms as well as video clips demonstrating various techniques for seizing lines on a model ship.

This is a great aid to rigging a model ship. You might also consider our Sophomore and Junior Course optional rigging practicums. Both of those practicums contain hundreds of photos and even though they are specific to a given model, much of the information in them can be carried over to other model ships.


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