HMS Roebuck
This Senior Course HMS Roebuck is a scratchbuilt course based on the plans drawn by Harold Hahn. This course has 12 chapters that cover CAD work, the framing of the model and cutting in the gunports. No future chapters will be released as there is too little interest in this level of advanced scratchbuilding. However, a lot can be learned about this aspect of scratchbuilding a true plank on frame model from these 12 chapters.

The course also goes into some detail on how the Hahn plans were brought into AutoCAD and further developed and refined for building in a larger scale.

The course consists of only 12 chapters and covers framing and making the jig only. No new chapters will be released. The model may be built using the wood available from Crown Timberyard.

The plans must be purchased separately from the son of Harold Hahn. Harold Hahn passed away in 2012. However, you may still order plans from his son by standard U.S. mail. The price of the Roebuck plans may have changed as of this writing so it is best to contact him first for current prices with shipping. His address is:

Chris Hahn
1212 Gordon Road
Lyndhurst, OH 44124



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