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Hi, we're Bob & Peggy Hunt. Welcome to our website featuring our exclusive College of Model Shipbuilding Courses and Practicums.

The College of Model Shipbuilding is progressive in nature to accommodate modelers of all skill levels. These are very detailed instructions that take you through the complete construction of a particular model ship kit. There are several kits to choose from for each level of course.


There are courses for different skill levels such as Prep School Courses for new modelers, Freshman course for modelers who have built a few model ships, and Sophomore Courses for modelers looking to learn new skills and build more complex historical model ships.

About Us

Model Shipbuilding is Our Business
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We started the Lauck Street Shipyard in June 2003 when Bob developed detailed instructions on how to build the Model Shipways kit, Armed Virginia Sloop.

Since 1987, Bob built his first wooden Model Ship Kit, HMS Victory. In 2003, Lauck Street Shipyard was formed. Bob is the skilled expert, and Peggy is the administrative expert. Join us to see what you can learn from our experience.

Bob is constantly building something and adding new products to our website each year. Check out our New Arrivals area for the latest new Practicums we've developed.

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I just wanted you to know what a great job you are doing and how much I appreciate your efforts. Your practicums make my modeling go very well. Without them I would be lost.

Great Job

Geoff M. - Harvard, IL

Great Job



Your AVS practicum is first rate; very helpful but demanding imagination and, thus, a very great way to learn. My best, professor Bob. Know that you are appreciated.

Roger S. - Wildbraham, MA

First Rate



Bob, I just want you to know that I think you are great for the hobby. Using your practicum, my Rattlesnake is taking shape and my pride in it should be shared by you as its inspiration. 


Lawrence W. - Shreavesport, LA

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