In the Beginning


In 2002, I was laid off from my job as a Web Developer. I had been building model ships for about 13 years at the time. I looked for a new job until my unemployment benefits ran out but could not find one. During those months of searching, Seaways Ships in Scale magazine approached me about writing an article for them on how to build the Model Shipways kit, Armed Virginia Sloop. So I spent months building the model and writing the article. When I submitted it, they said it was too long to publish and recommended I try to market it myself.

I approached Marc Mosko, owner of Model Expo about advertising my "practicum" on his website for $90.00. He said there was no market for that because the kit, which his company produces, comes with instructions. So I put up a website calling it the Lauck Street Shipyard (because we lived on Lauck Drive) and within 6 months, I had sold over 250 copies. Thus was born, Lauck Street Shipyard.


The Growing Years


Lauck Street Shipyard began as a Sole Proprietorship with only 1 product, a practicum on how to build the Armed Virginia Sloop. Because of the success of that practicum, I started building frantically and gave up the search for a new job. In the next 2 years, I built the Constitution, Rattlesnake and HMS Victory and thus was born, The College of Model Shipbuilding.

In 2006 Peggy and I formed an equal partnership and incorporated into a LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) to make taxes a bit easier on us. Our product line had grown and sales were quite good, eventually becoming too good for an LLC. In 2008 it was time to do something about our ever growing tax burden from the business income. So we converted the LLC to an S Corporation.


In 2010 I began working on a video game for the Apple IOS devices. The game was called Hungry Faces, an Angry Birds type of game with a twist. Canon balls were launched at a tower with food nestled between the bricks. The object was to break the food out and as it fell, catch it in the mouth of a face that you could move back and forth along the bottom of the screen thus catching the food in the face's mouth and scoring points.Because I was selling the game under our business, I did not want to confuse people who might buy it from a business called Lauck Street Shipyard LLC, so I changed the name of the corporation to LSS Enterprises LLC. The game, however, did not sell at all and eventually I yanked it from the Apple App Store. If there's enough interest, I may resubmit it and try again. I thought it was a pretty neat game myself.


Where We're Going


LSS Enterprises LLC eventually became LSS Enterprises Inc trading as Lauck Street Shipyard. We will continue to develop new products for the model ship builder from time to time.

Most recently we have revamped our website. Peggy and I have downsized and our expenses are much less now. We are semi-retired and both are collecting Social Security to supplement our business income, so our financial needs are not as great as they were in our growing years.

You might also be interested to know that I served in the Marine Corps from 1966 to 1969. I was a tactical air control-man in Vietnam in 1968/1969. You can purchase my personal memoirs about my combat experiences here. I think you'll find the chapter "Coming Full Circle" especially interesting.

More recently I have been writing fiction novels. I have completed a series of books that tell the story of terrorism, espionage, and World War III. You can learn more about these books on my personal books page and purchase them on Amazon.