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A Detailed Guide to Scratch

building model ships

A Detailed Guide to Scratch Building Model Ships is the culmination of 30 years of building model ship kits and scratchbuilt models as well as 14 years of writing practicums based on specific kits. The guide has 12 Chapters in full color and comes on a CD.

Each Chapter covers a specific aspect of construction of true plank on frame model ship built entirely from scratch. The chapter topics are:

  • Volume I - An Introduction to Scratch Building

  • Volume II - Creating Your Own Plans

  • Volume III - Building the Keel, Stem, Sternpost, and Deadwoods

  • Volume IV - Making Frames

  • Volume V - Making a Framing Jig

  • Volume VI - Framing the Model

  • Volume VII - Outer Hull Planking

  • Volume VIII - Lower Deck Details

  • Volume IX - Main Deck Details

  • Volume X - Upper Deck Details

  • Volume XI - Outer Hull Details

  • Volume XII - Miscellaneous Details

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