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King of the Mississippi

I will be releasing a brand new practicum in the fall of 2021, a Sophomore Course based on the MarisStella kit, HMS Ontario. MarisStella is a Croation company that has been making kits since 2008. The have some very interesting kits with some interesting features.

The King of the Mississippi kit is a redesigned kit from Artesania Latina. This is a very nice quality kit and will become a new Freshman Course in my College of Model Shipbuilding. I bought it directly from AL for $247.76 and that includes optional figurines.


Kit Features

Plank on Bulkhead

The laser cut parts include various parts to create a plank on bulkhead hull, This inner shell is then planked over with stripwood making it easy to create a real historic look. Other model details also include laser cut walls which are then covered with stripwood. Finer details are added in contrasting colored stripwood to create a beautiful model. The brass photo-etched parts are the crowning details that create a realistic model.


Paddle Wheel

The paddle wheel contains cast metal parts, laser cut parts and photo-etched details.