We are pleased to announce that we can now offer a number of fittings to our customers. These include pearwood and boxwood, and ebony blocks in single, double, and triple sizes. These are all available in various sizes. There are also ebony deadeyes in various sizes, and other fittings such as cleats, shroud cleats, long tackle blocks, and cotton standing rigging in various sizes.

All of these items are actually provided by Dry-Dock Model and Parts. You can place orders right here on my website which will be added to a separate shopping cart. You can edit this cart separately from the Lauck Street Shipyard shopping cart.

When you add an item to the Dry-Dock Model's fittings cart, a Shopping Cart window will slide out from the right and show what you have added. At the bottom of that Cart window is a Checkout button. You can close the slide out and add additional items. When you choose to checkout with your fittings items, a separate window from Dry-Dock Models will open prompting you for your email address and shipping address. You will then be taken to a payment page where you can pay by credit card or PayPal.

Remember, this shopping cart and checkout process of the fittings is separate from the Lauck Street Shipyard cart and checkout. Coupon codes that LSS may issue you will not work on the fittings checkout at Dry-Dock Models.

The following Fittings from Dry-Dock Models is available to purchase here:

  1. Pearwood single blocks

  2. Pearwood double blocks

  3. Pearwood triple blocks

  4. Pearwood long tackle blocks (violin blocks)

  5. Boxwood single blocks

  6. Boxwood double blocks

  7. Boxwood triple blocks

  8. Ebony single blocks

  9. Ebony double blocks

  10. Ebony triple blocks

  11. Ebony deadeyes

  12. Pearwood cleats

  13. Pearwood shroud cleats

  14. Standing rigging dark line