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HMS Speedy

I will be releasing a brand new practicum in the fall of 2021, a Sophomore Course based on the MarisStella kit, HMS Ontario. MarisStella is a Croation company that has been making kits since 2008. The have some very interesting kits with some interesting features.

The HMS Speedy kit is a new kit from Vanguard Models. This is a very nice quality kit and will become a new Sophomore Course in my College of Model Shipbuilding. I bought it at Ages of Sail for $399.99.

HMS Speedy.jpg

Kit Features

Ship's Boat

One particularly unique design of this kit is the method used to build the ship's boat, which the practicum will also cover in detail. The kit comes with a special laser cut base and laser cut bulkheads. The bulkheads get attached to a MDF base, planked, then removed and details added such as inner frames and laser cut parts. 


Deck Details

The kit comes with lots of details and deck furniture