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We've recently switched to a new hosting company and completely revamped our website. The new website still gives us great flexibility to create sales on the fly. There's also a new support forum, and now we have a blog where we'll be posting "how-to" tips and reviews of products. 

Coming Soon

Most recently I have been writing fiction novels. I have completed 4 novels now that are a part of a full series involving a number of characters from the very first novel, Blind Terror. The second novel, The Gray Cardinal is also available and Peggy is editing the third novel in the series, The Man in the Mountain Fortress. The fourth book is finished but still needs to be edited. It is called Emmons' Revenge. You can learn more about these books on my personal website (link can be found on my Resources page).

In June 2019, I plan to begin construction of the Mamoli kit, Halifax. I will be writing a practicum for that kit once I finished building it. I am considering building and writing another practcium on the Mamoli kit, USF Constitution later this year.

Be sure to check out this unique Guide to Building Model Ships.

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