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Personal Books

This section shows actual printed books that I have written that do not pertain to model ship building. After 30+ years of writing technical manuals, I decided to give it a go at writing fiction novels. Except for my personal memoirs (One Four Man Up) about my combat experiences in Vietnam, these books make up a series of books with one main character common to each book. They tell a very long fictional story about our country and several characters that appear in the first book. Although these books are fictional, they are based on real facts, places, and people.

The first fiction novel in this series is called Blind Terror. It is followed by The Gray Cardinal, The Man in the Mountain Fortress, and Emmons' Revenge. These books are available on Amazon in either printed form or Kindle form. You may purchase them directly from Amazon by clicking on the title shown in this paragraph.


If you wish to have an autographed copy, please click on a book shown below. Once I receive the book, I will sign and personalize it before sending it out to you.

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