Schooner Virginia Review

Today I will begin construction of the Artesania Latina kit, Virginia, a schooner of 1819. I thought before I began construction of the kit that I would do a quick review based on first impressions of the kit. After I've completed construction of the kit, I'll add a follow-up of my impressions of the kit based on my construction experience. Photo 1 shows the kit box.

Photo 1

The Schooner Virginia is an Artesania Latina kit that I found to be very reasonably priced with various vendors that I often deal with. I purchased my kit from Tower Hobbies for about $80.00 including shipping charges.

The kit features plank on bulkhead construction, two layers of planking, walnut dowels to make the masts, gaff and boom out of, pre-sewn sails, and numerous fittings for the deck furniture and other details.

The kit looks to be a good kit for a new modeler. It's a fairly simple kit, not too large and not too complex with a reasonable price.

The kit's instructions come in a fairly large booklet and have been translated in several languages including English. This booklet only contains text. Photo 2 shows the kit's instruction booklet.

Photo 2

There is a separate smaller book that contains a photo essay on the construction of the complete hull and deck details. Photo 3 shows the small photo essay booklet.

Photo 3

There is another large fold-out photo set of sheets that show how to make the masts, gaff and boom, add the sails and all of the rigging. Photo 4 shows the rigging photo sheets.

Photo 4

The kit comes with a number of wood strip bundles for the double planked hull and to make some of the deck furniture and other parts on the model. Photo 5 shows the stripwood in the kit.