How to Use Z-Ends With Zap-A-Gap

If you've ever purchased one of my College of Model Shipbuilding courses, you know that I'm a big fan of super glue, specifically Zap-A-Gap. You should also know that I always recommend attaching the Z-End accessory to the bottle for complete control of the usage of Zap.

However, it seems that a lot of my customers don't understand that the Z-End doesn't become as useful if you don't attach the small silicone tubing to it that comes in the Z-End package. I often receive emails and forum questions on how to attach and use the Z-End with the tubing. So I thought perhaps a blog posting on the subject will help clear the air on this subject.

I've been building model ships for over 30 years now, and used to work at a bank in downtown Winchester, VA that was right next door to a hobby shop. I visited the hobby shop daily and became good friends with the owner, Dave.

Dave was an extremely skilled and talented modeler. His primary love for modeling was building WWII plastic model kits, but he had also built model ships at one time. So I often sought out his knowledge and experience when I first began building them myself.

Having woodworking experience from high school, I assumed that a good wood glue was all you needed to build a wooden model ship, but when I began building my first kit, the Mantua HMS Victory, I quickly learned that wood glue wasn't always the best choice for gluing certain parts together.