Building Model Ships - The Detailed Guide Part II

It seems I have maxed out the number of comments allowed on a single blog posting, so I have created this second part on my Detailed Guide to Building Model ships. I wanted to give everyone an update on how the guide is progressing and other details.

The first two volumes were released on December 12, 2017. The first volume covers Building the Framework of a model ship kit and is over 60 pages long. I have included some photos of early models that I have built to fill in blank spots in the book. These include the very first HMS Victory kit by Mantua that I built in 1987.

Volume II covers the Planking of the Decks and is over 50 pages long. More photos of my early kits and first scratchbuilt plank on frame models are included on the blank pages of this volume.

Volume III is finished and ready to be sent to the printing company. It covers the Planking of the Hull and is over 70 pages long. In that volume you will see photos of my scratchbuilt HMS Warrior model built in 1995. I also included some photos of the figurehead which I sculpted from Sculpey.

Volume IV is finished and will be ready to go to the printing company probably later today, December 21, 2017. This volume covers Making Deck Furniture and is nearly 90 pages long. Again, more photos of some of my early models are included in this volume as well. I will announce the release of Volume III and IV probably later today or tomorrow morning.

Volume V is about half way finished now, and it covers Armament. Volume VI will cover the Head Rails and Bow Details. I will probably release Volume V and VI in early January.

I will continue to release new volumes approximately every 3 weeks or so depending on the length of each volume. It takes time to write each one, time for Peggy to edit them, and time for me to make corrections that she recommends.

The price will remain at $75.00 per volume. Some volumes will have as few as 50 pages to them while others will have up to 100 pages depending on the subject matter. I feel that in the end, it will all even out.

For now I have not yet decided if there will be a reduced price for the entire set. I will probably do that at some point in time, but not immediately after the last volume has been released. I broke this series down into individual volumes covering specific topics because often I have potential customers asking if I have a practicum that covers this or that. Soon these customers will be able to purchase a practicum on a specific part of construction.

I've also been asked if I will be making the volumes available on CD/DVD. I might. It will depend on demand. The intent in doing these as color printed books was to provide a set of books that will not only help model shipbuilders but one that will be something they will want to collect and keep on a shelf for quick reference at any time. This is a very nicely printed set of books on high quality paper and spiral bound so that it can be brought into the shop and laid flat on the workbench for reference as one is building his or her model. If it came on CD, it could be printed by the customer but the quality of the photos would not even compare to the printed version.

I hope that those of you who have purchased the first two volumes find them to be to your liking and will serve you well for many years to come. These books will be the final writings I will create in my 30+ years of building model ships. I hope that by writing these books, it will carry Lauck Street Shipyard to its final day, my final day which I hope will be many, many years from now! Peggy and I intend to stay in business for as long as we can and are committed to serving the ship modeling community through my practicums. We both thank everyone who has supported us over the years by purchasing our products and sharing their models and experiences with us.

UPDATE 12/31/17

Since the release of volumes III and IV, I've been hard at work on volumes V and VI. I'm now finished with those volumes and await Peggy's review and edits. They should be released by the end of the first week of January 2018.



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