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Color Printed Books are Back

Due to popular demand, we are once again offering our color printed books for purchase. However, there is a slight catch. In the past, we have had difficulties getting these books printed in a timely manner. The slow response time from the only printing company we can find that offers the combination of high quality color printing along with spiral binding in 8-1/2" x 11" format has caused us to receive complaints from some customers. We have also had difficulties with International shipments. Unless we pay a premium price for shipping of International shipping, there is no tracking number and shipments seem to mysteriously disappear.

As a result of these problems, we withdrew these books from our marketplace. However, due to popular demand, we have decided to make them available once again by clearly explaining up front on the product page that customers should expect up to 4 weeks of delay time before their order will be shipped. We have also made it clear that we cannot ship to any International address due to the difficulties and expense of shipping to such addresses. We regret that we can't offer these books to customers outside the United States unless they use a US shipping address.

Our series of printed books for scratchbuilding was never completed due to the very limited demand for such books. We will continue to monitor this situation, and should we receive sufficient requests for those final books to justify the time it takes to develop them, we will make every effort to complete the series.

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