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Kit, Byrnes Saw For Sale (SOLD)

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Some of you may have noticed that I haven't been doing much in the way of model shipbuilding lately. There's a good reason for that. I've been building model ships from kits as well as scratch building for about 32 years now. I got my start in October 1987. The journey has been fun and challenging. However, in more recent years, I've just gotten burned out on it.

I came to realize a few years ago that each new kit I built was so much like a previous kit I've built. The challenge of building kits was not so much about taking on something new as much as it was my ability to chug through just another model ship kit build. That's when I decided to write my 12 volume set of color printed books on building model ship kits.

The truth of the matter is that I've gotten burned out in building model ships. It's been about 2 years now since I wrote those books but even longer since I built another model ship, be it kit or from scratch. I had planned to build the Halifax kit by Mamoli because I thought that might help kickstart my interest once again, but alas, I even decided not to proceed on that idea. I did later (and more recently) purchase the Mamoli Constitution kit and started to build it.

I completed framing the hull and planking both layers of that Constitution kit but once again, I lost interest quickly. That's about the time I decided to get into 3D printing, sort of as a new hobby. I even considered turning it into a branch of my business but quickly discovered that it just wasn't possible - it took too long to print most items and printing in such small scale was not possible with a FDM printer. I had already been down the road of resin 3D printers with terrible results, so I'm not going down that path again any time soon.

By the way, if anyone is interested in buying that Constitution model I started, I wouldn't mind selling it for about $200.00 plus shipping. The photo above isn't the most recent photo, and I can take a few more if anyone is interested in buying it. This photo shows walnut wood filler applied which was later sanded smooth. It does not s how the wales or the side gallery metal piece added. The current state of the build is that the outer hull (upper area) is ready for painting. After painting, the copper plates will be added. I purchased Amati copper plates instead of using copper tape. The Mamoli kits never include real copper plates. Instead they give you green dyed wood plates that just look ridiculous. I'll throw in the Amati copper plates with the unfinished kit. Not a bad deal for a couple hundred bucks!

Back to the subject at hand. Since my burnout, I've decided to step back from development, at least for the time being. I call it semi-retirement. I have no intention of ever shutting down my business as long as I'm alive. Frankly, Peggy and I could not make it financially without the income from the business, which, by the way, has been going now for over 16 years. Since I'm no longer building anything, especially from scratch, I've decided to get rid of some of my equipment. I see no need to keep my Jim Byrnes table saw which I seldom used anyway because I also have the Preac miniature table saw which I grew up on in my younger days of model shipbuilding. I'd like to sell my Byrnes saw for $300.00 plus shipping. I bought some blades for it but no other accessories, so of course, the extra blades will be included. It's in great shape since I seldom even used it. If anyone is interested, please use my Contact page to send me an email.

There may be other items I decide to sell. I may even decide to sell my Preac table saw which may be old but has been my favorite and most reliable miniature table saw. It has been my go-to saw for over 2 decades!


As promised here are photos of my Byrnes saw I'm selling. I'm lowering the price to $250 plus shipping. There is one screw missing that attaches the top fend part to the bottom fence part but I'm sure you can guy one of these at a hardware store. It has some extra blades which are thin and comes with the carbide blade. There is also the micrometer but I took it off for some reason and never put it back on.

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