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Preac Miniature Table Saw For Sale (SOLD)

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

So as I mentioned in my previous post, I've decided to sell some of my equipment. This is a new phase I am planning to take my business, Lauck Street Shipyard. In the months to come, I will be adding new videos to my YouTube video channel. These new videos will be in the form of reviews. I will be adding reviews of model ship kits as well as 3D printers. I will be setting up a Patreon account to give supporters of this new aspect of my business the opportunity to receive new content and exclusive offers not publicly available to regular visitors to my website. There will be more to come in separate Blog posts about this aspect of this new venture.

So I have decided to also sell my Preac Table saw. For those of you who may have never seen a Preac saw, here is a photo of one. (this is not my saw but I will provide photos of my saw and accessories in the next few days).

The saw is smaller than a Byrnes saw but has easy to change blades and can cut up to 1/4" thick wood. My particular saw includes quite a few extra blades in various thicknesses as well as some other featured accessories for different cutting situations.

My original Preac was sold several years ago on eBay for an astounding price of over $900.00 and that is without the accessories. The inventor of this saw was a gentleman named Charlie Files. Charlie died many, many years ago, and when he died, so did the saw. You will be hard pressed to find one of these saws because they've been out of production for over a decade.

I would like to get $200.00 for the saw with accessories plus shipping charges. I think that is a very reasonable price. I have featured the saw in a number of postings on this blog such as my Rattlesnake postings on how to scratch build certain parts such as cannon carriages. It may not look like much, but this saw has been my favorite since the day I bought the first one in the early years of my model shipbuilding career.

As I said, I will be posting more photos of my saw in the next few days along with the accessories that are included. If anyone is interested, please use my Contact page to send me an email. I can process payment with a credit card or send a PayPal invoice.



Here are the photos I promised. Also, I've lowered the price to just $200.00 plus shipping. This saw has served me well over the years. I've cut planking on it, made all kinds of parts like hatches and grating on it. It includes everything you see in these photos which includes all kinds of blades in different thicknesses. Some have a smaller diameter hole and the adaptor for those is also included. The blade currently on the saw is a .057 which is the thickest blade you can buy for this saw. It uses the larger adaptor which is already installed on the saw.

UPDATE 12/10/19:

The Byrnes saw has been sold. I still have the Preac saw shown in the 3 photos above. Trust me, it doesn't look like much but this little saw has made so many parts for me over the years and has always been my go-to saw except for stock thicker than 1/4". Most parts I've made never required a saw that needed to be more than 1/4" thick. I'm asking $200.00 plus shipping.


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