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I've got two 3D printers I'd like to sell. I still have 2 others I use routinely.

The first is a small but very reliable printer called the Artillery Genius. Below are two photos of this printer:

This is a very nice little machine. It has a touch screen and uses the Marlin software which is very stable and reliable. It only takes a few minutes to set it up and start printing. It has a USB input port in the front left hand corner top as well as a micro SD card slot so that you can load g-code files. The filament (1.75mm) feeds from the top through a filament sensor that halts operation if you run out of filament during a print. This enables you to put a new roll on and continue printing so that you don't have to start all over again.

It has a heated bed made of glass. The white residue you see in this photo is merely glue from a water based glue stick. The glue helps the print to stick on the first layer. I usually remove the glue after a few prints by spraying the glass with Windex and wiping it off with a paper towel.

This printer has very nice cable management using special ribbon cables that move with the different axis. You can find numerous reviews of this printer on YouTube. I'm only selling it because I have the larger version I bought later called the Artillery Sidewinder which is almost identical to this model but it has a larger print bed.

This printer sells new for about $450.00 but I'm only asking $200.00 for it. I've had it for about 6 months but don't use it very often because I use the larger version instead.

I no longer have the box it came in so if you are interested in buying it, I could probably take it apart and box it up but it will increase the price to cover the packing and shipping. I'd prefer that whoever buys it comes to my house to pick it up so that I can go over hot to use it and demonstrate it to the buyer. Of course we can both wear a mask while the Coronavirus is still around. Here is another photo of the printer taken from a different angle:

The second printer is a much larger printer. This is a modified Ender 5 Plus.

I did make one major modification to this printer because it just did not print well when I got it. I needed a printer with a large bed area for a project I was printing and this one fit the bill. However, it used a special version of the Marlin software which was closed source and the software was very buggy. Since it was closed source and I couldn't upgrade or fix the software like you can with the open source version, I instead replaced the motherboard inside as well as the touch screen.

The upgraded motherboard is a 32 bit board whereas the stock board that came in the printer was 16 bit. The motherboard I put in it is called the Duet 2 Maestro which came with the touch screen. This motherboard uses the same firmware called RepRap which is very easy to modify because the files all text files that use different G-Code/M-Codes to configure things. There are lots of help files on the internet that explain what each configuration file does and the files are documented. I've already configured the files for this particular printer so you only have to level the bed (which is quite easy to do) and load the G-code file for the 3d print you want to print.

I've also attached (white cable in the photo) a small wifi unit so that you can connect to the printer remotely and upload files as well as control the printer remotely. You can even watch on your web browser as it prints if you have a small video camera attached to the wifi unit.

This printer costs $550.00 originally and the upgraded mother board and touch screen were an additional $150.00, but I'm only asking $200.00 for it. Like the other printer, it could be taken apart and packed up for shipping but that would add additional cost for a box and packing material. Unless you are experienced in putting 3D printers together, I would prefer that the buyer pick it up at my house so that it doesn't have to be taken apart. Taking it apart adds a whole additional level of complexity to the equation. Here is another photo of the printer taken from a different angle.

Anyone interested in either of these printers can contact me using my Contact page on my website. If you have any questions about these printers you can also send them to me via my Contact page.

Bob Hunt

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