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Another New Practicum now Available

Introducing my newest practicum, The Flying Dutchman based on the Occre kit, Flying Dutchman. This is the ship that appeared in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. The practicum is a new Sophomore Course and comes on disk with all of the photos taken when I built the model.

I cover how to add lighting to the model.

Not only are the stern lanterns and gallery windows and doors lit up, but lights are installed on the lower open deck area and hold area seen in the earlier photo of the finished model.

I also cover how to weather the model as shown above. The practicum covers how to build the ship's boats included in the kit as well.

The kit comes with lots of details and cast metal decorations. A separate practicum covering the masting and rigging will be written at a later date.

This is very different and unusual model ship kit. Although it is plank on bulkhead, the bulkheads are actually open given it a plank on frame look due to the open starboard side area. All of the wiring, LED's and battery pack are hidden inside accessible by removing the side gallery structure. This gives you access to the battery pack and a separate on/off switch.

Check it out by go to Sophomore Course, Flying Dutchman


Bob Hunt

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