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Gift Cards

We are pleased to announce that you can now purchase eGift cards on our website. Simply go to our Gift Card store page, choose the amount you wish to purchase, enter an email address, name, and a personalized message and add the gift card to your shopping cart.

Gift cards can be purchase in various amounts up to $375.00. They never expire so they can be used by the recipient at any time. Gift cards are a great gift on holidays and special occasions for your friends and family.

Please take note that Gift Cards will not show up in your shopping cart and are not subject to Promo Codes. You must purchase a gift card as a single, separate purchase by completing the Gift Card form and clicking on the Buy Now button. A new page will appear prompting you to enter your credit card information. Once you've entered that info, click the Place Order button.

Do not click on the "Edit Cart" link because the Gift Card is not in your regular shopping cart. This is a brand new feature of my website hosting company. I have not been able to fully test it without actually making a purchase so I do hope it works for you.

When a person makes a purchase on my website and gets to the Checkout page, there is a checkbox for redeeming the gift card. When you check that box, a text box appears where you enter the eGift card number that you receive in an email when the card was originally purchased.

I hope this new feature will be useful for you, your friends, and your family. Spread the word!

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