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New Practicums Coming

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

As I mentioned in the News section of my website ( I have begun work on some new kits. They are the Ocre kit, Golden Hind, the Artesania Latino kit, King of the Mississippi, and the Vanguard Models kit, HMS Speedy.

The Golden Hind will be a Prep School Course.

The King of the Mississippi will be a Freshman Course.

And the HMS Speedy will be a Sophomore Course. It will include enhanced blocks and deadeyes from Dry-Dock Models.

I've already begun work on the Golden Hind and the King of the Mississippi. I'm working on those models simultaneously by doing a few hours of work on one, then a few hours work on the other. I won't begin work on the Speedy until one of the first two kits and practicum is finished.

I'm making good progress on both the Golden Hind and the King of the Mississippi. The King of the Mississippi arrived Friday evening so I've already got a 2 day start on it. I've assembled the bulkheads and glued the framework together, and I've planked the hull sides and attached the main false deck which I'm now planking.

The Golden Hind arrived this morning. I've never built an Ocre kit before, but I must say, I"m impressed by the quality of this kit. So far I've assembled and glued up the main structure of center keel and bulkheads in just a few hours of time.

I'll post updates to this Blog posting as I work through these kits, and perhaps a few pictures as I go. It takes some work to get photos from my phone to my computer and then to the Blog editor.

Take care,

Bob Hunt

August 24, 2021 Update

Today I began work on the HMS Speedy model. I went through the kit first just to check out the quality of it. WOW! What a kit!

If you haven't this kit yet, buy it now. Don't hesitate! This is hands down, the nicest kit I have ever seen, ever built!

Quality wood, quality laser cut parts, quality design. I got the basic framework assembled today and everything fit perfectly. It's an amazing kit. You'll have lots of fun building this kit. Trust me,

I bought mine at Ages of Sail. Just be sure to leave them a note to ship the kit without "Signature Required." FedEx tried to deliver it on Sunday and wouldn't you know it, I was gone one hour the entire day and they tried to deliver it during that hour.

Anyway, I received it yesterday and began work on it today.


August 25, 2021 Update

I've set up a Google Photos Album so that I can share occasional photos of my work on building the three new models for my new practicums. Here is the link to the HMS Speedy album:

Here is the link to the Golden Hind Album:

And here is the link to the King of the Mississippi:

I will post more photos as progress continues, so be sure to bookmark these links and check them routinely to see my latest progress.


December 20, 2021 Update

In case you missed it, I have released the first part of two parts on building the Golden Hind. The first part covers construction of the hull, and the second part covers the masting and rigging with sails or without sails (covers both methods).

The Masting and Rigging practicum is nearing completion and should be available for purchase in the early part of January. It will appear on my Practicum page and will be available on CD in PDF format or as a color printed book that is spiral bound on quality glossy paper. I will make another announcement once I release the Masting and Rigging practicum for the Golden Hind.

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