A Detailed Guide To Building Model Ship Kit

Our Detailed Guide to Building Model Ship Kits has been designed to help model builders who are building a model ship kit for which we have no specific practicum for. It contains 12 chapters. Each chapter covers a specific aspect of construction of a model ship kit. We have addressed the various designs that we have encountered over the years and how to tackle those designs. NOTE: These are the same books we were offering a printed and spiral bound. They are in PDF format and come on one single CD.


The following chapters are included:

  1. Building the Framework
  2. Planking the Decks
  3. Planking the Hull
  4. Making Deck Furniture
  5. Armament
  6. Beakhead and Bow Details
  7. Stern Transom and Stern Details
  8. Channels, Chainplates, and Outer Hull Details
  9. Making Yardarms
  10. Making Masts
  11. Standing Rigging
  12. Running Rigging


This course comes on a data DVD and is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. All chapters are in Acrobat Reader format (PDF).

A Detailed Guide To Building Model Ship Kit


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