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Our Detailed Guide to Scratch Building Model Ships has been designed to help model builders who wish to learn how to build a true plank on frame model ships from scratch. These are the same books we used to sell as color printed books before losing our printing company. These are in PDF format on a data DVD.


Each chapter covers a specific aspect of construction of a plank on frame model ship from scratch. We have addressed the use of CAD to design a working set of plans from which to build your model from. Detailed color photos assist the modeler in learning the techniques of scratchbuilding.


The following chapters are included:

  1. Introduction to Plank on Frame Construction
  2. Creating Your Own Plans
  3. Making the Keel, Stem, and Sternpost
  4. Making the Frames
  5. Making the Framing Jig
  6. Framing the Model
  7. Planking the Hull
  8. Lower Deck Details
  9. Main Deck Details
  10. Upper Deck Details
  11. Outer Hull Details
  12. Miscellaneous Details


This course comes on a data DVD and is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. All chapters are in Acrobat Reader format (PDF).

A Detailed Guide To Scratch Building a Model Ships on CD


For best results when printing these documents, we recommend Koala Double Side Glossy Photo Paper which is available on Amazon. This paper is very similar to the paper that was used to print these books by our former printing company.

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