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Building the HMS Speedy Printed is a full color printed and spiral bound book I wrote that documents my construction of this Vanguard Models kit. The book contains 12 chapters and covers my complete construction of the hull and all of its details. I will write a separate book on my construction of the masting and rigging of the model at a later date in 2022.


The book is available to those who wish to build this kit but might need help in doing so.  All details are covered including deck details such as hatches, ladders, cannons and swivel cannons, and bitts as well as all exterior details such as the beakhead, channels, and chainplates. I also discuss some upgrades I made and some problems I encountered and the solutions I came. up with to solve those problems.


Included with the book is a 4.7 gigabyte data DVD which includes all of my original photos I took with my iPhone 13 Pro Max which has a macro mode for very close up photography. The CD will be sent separately by me.


There are no photos in this printed book or on the photo CD that come from Vanguard Models or that are found anywhere on the web. All photos are my own taken by myself.


If I were to classify this book as one of my College of Model Shipbuilding practicums, it would have to be an alternative Freshman Course in the same category as the HMS Pegasus/HMS Fly. As a matter of fact, Vanguard Models also makes a very similar kit to the HMS Speedy called the HMS Flirt. Except for the copper plating on the Speedy, every thing else is identical. I actually later removed the copper plating on my model and re-finished the lower hull by painting it white as it appears on the HMS Flirt model.


Building the HMS Speedy Printed


We do not sell kits. The kit must be purchased separately.The kit must be purchased separately and is available from Ages of Sail or Vanguard Models.

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