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This Freshman Course is based on the Amati kit, Lady Nelson. This course is now complete and all 7 DVD's are now available. This is our first course done completely in video and distributed on DVD. 

The course will consist of 7 DVD's. Here is a breakdown of what will come on each DVD:

  • DVD 1 - Basic hull construction, the rabbet joint
  • DVD 2 & 3 - Planking the hull (double layer planking)
  • DVD 4 - Deck planking, deck furniture, mounting the model
  • DVD 5 - Making the mast and yardarms
  • DVD 6 - Attaching the Standing and Running Rigging
  • DVD 7 - Completing the rigging

All video of the construction of the model is shot in 1080p high definition for the best quality. These DVD's show the complete construction of the model in nearly real time. Every detail of construction is shown and explained in the video's. You will learn more from watching these DVD's than has ever been explained in any one of our written courses because you will be watching the model being built which reveals subtle details that are not easy to explain in technical terms when writing a course. And the HD video makes it clear to see and understand just how every aspect of the model is constructed. The second DVD which covers planking the hull is nearly 4 hours long. 

No modifications are made to the design of the kit. The first DVD will show how to assemble the bulkheads to form the basic hull. The rabbet joint is explained and shown in detail. This is a detail that most kits never include or explain but you will learn its importance and how it relates to the planking of the hull. The hull planking consists of two layers and is partially painted. You'll also see how the waterline is marked, masked and painted. 

Rigging a model ship is always a daunting task for a new modeler, but the DVD's that cover rigging will elimiate some of that fear and will demonstrate techniques that you can use to rig any model ship. You'll see and learn how to seize lines, attach blocks, belay running rigging and finish off the standing rigging. 

Freshman Course, Lady Nelson


We do not sell kits. The kit must be purchased separately. The kit may be purchased from Ages of Sail.

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