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This is the masting and rigging practicum for the Freshman Course, Golden Hind. This is the CD version which is the same as the printed book version. It comes with the photo CD on the same disk as the practicum. The practicum covers has six chapters which cover the following:


  1. Chapter One, Introduction
  2. Chapter Two, Completing the Mast Details
  3. Chapter Three, Mounting the Masts
  4. Chapter Four, Attaching Blocks to the Yards
  5. Chapter Five, Attaching Sails
  6. Chapter Six, Belaying the Running Rigging.


In addition to the rigging of the sails, the practicum also shows how to rig the yards without sails for those who do not wish to put sails on their model.


A separate optional practicum that is printed in full color and spiral bound is also available which also comes with the photo CD (sent separately) and is identical to this practicum.


Freshman Course Golden Hind Masting and Rigging on CD w/ Photo CD


The Golden Hind kit is made by Ocre and can be purchased from Ages of Sail

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