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This Freshman Course is based on the Caldercraft kit, HMAV Bounty. This course has many procedures that are applicable to other HMAV Bounty kits. Please keep in mind that the overall design of a different kit may be different than the design of the Caldercraft kit this course is based on, but most of the deck details, copper plating and masting and rigging will be the same. 

No modifications are made to the design of the kit. The hull planking consists of two layers and is partially painted. Copper plating is applied to the lower hull. The course also covers three masted masting and rigging. 

With this course, the modeler will learn the basics of planking the hull of the model ship, how to build deck furniture, masts and spars, and how to do three masted rigging. The course teaches many of the basics of model shipbuidling and is a stepping stone to more complex models. 

The course comes on a CD. The chapters can be printed out by the customer and put in a 3 ring binder, or you can take the CD to an office supply store such as Staples or Office Max and have them print the chatpers for you.


Freshman Course, HMAV Bounty

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The optional Photo CD contains all of the original photos taken when the model was built by Bob. Photos on this optional CD are much larger than those that appear in the course chapters and can be viewed on your computer screen showing greater details than may appear on the printed pages. The Photo CD cannot be purchased separately.

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