HMS Kingfisher Kit Plans

Now you an scratch built the third true plank on frame model ship kit I produced many years ago. I'm now offering the complete set of plans in 1/4" scale that came with the original kit.


These plans are in PDF format and are 24" x 36" in size. They can be printed by numerous printing services offered by such stores as FedEx, Staples, Office Max, and Office Depot, and we give you written permission to have these copyrighted plans developed entirely by myself when I was producing these high quality model ship kits.


The plans include such things as parts billets with each part laid out on them ready for cutting out on a scroll saw, Profile Plan of the ship showing every frame location, every frame drawing itself, deck drawings, and miscellaneous deck furniture drawings.


You get parts lists in PDF format that give you the dimensions of ecery piece of stripwood that I used to build the prototype and was included in the original kit, parts list for every wood billet I used to cut the parts out, parts list of all of the fittings in the kit such as rope, styrene strips used for certain parts, dowels, metal parts like brass bar or brass tubes. Everything you need to build a replica of the original kit that I once produced.


This also includes the complete practicum that came with the original kit as well as the accompanied Photo CD. Everything you need to build a replica of the kit is included in PDF format except for the actual wooden parts, but you can make those parts from the plans included in this product purchase.


The following sheets of this kits plans include:


  • Deck Clamp 1 Template
  • Deck Clamp 2 Template
  • Deck Clamp 3 Template
  • Framing Jig Parts
  • Deck Drawings
  • Framing Jig Plans
  • Parts Billets 1
  • Parts Billets 2
  • Parts Billets 3
  • Profile Drawing
  • Parts List


The parts billet drawings and jig parts are in 1/8" scale and must be double in size for the 1/4" scale model. All other plans are in 1/4" scale. Scale color drawings of the painted frieze are also included on the Jig Plans. The jig was designed for upright construction.


The Practicum includes each individual frame drawing which shows the different futtock parts for the single layer frames. Because the frames have chocks between them and are close together, they are not double layered. This entire model adheres to actual ship construction in full scale.


There are 12 chapters on how to build the model when it was a kit. By using the kits original plans that are included, you can duplicate the model in 1/4" scale as shown by the photo above.


This plan set includes five different parts list:


  • Wood Billets with dimensions
  • Stage 1 parts you must cut out yourself
  • Stage 2 parts you must cut out yourself
  • Stage 3 parts you must cut out yourself
  • Stripwood needed with dimensions


The original kit came with resin cast cannons, swivel cannons and other special parts. The plans have scale drawings of these parts but you must either make them or purchase similar parts on the secondary market.


The ships oven was constructed out of different pieces of styrene which is shown in the practicum. It was then painted once completed.

HMS Kingfisher Kit Plans

  • All files are in PDF format and are compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux but do require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view. All files come on a CD and are sold as software under a License Agreement. All files are copyrighted by Lauck Street Shipyard, a division of LSS Enteerprises. They cannot be copied or shared with others under our License Agreement. You also cannot pass them along to someone else once you are finished using them. Please be sure to read the License Agreement that accompanies this product when purchased.

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