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This Junior Course is based on the Mantua/Panart kit HMS Victory (738). This is a total kitbashed course and probably one of the most difficult kits to build even out of the box. This course comes in two parts, 12 Chapters each, and features extensive use of replacement stripwood in ebony and boxwood. We would recommend that you contact Crown Timberyard to see about obtaining the wood needed to use this feature. The course tells you the dimensions of each piece of stripwood that is replaced in the kit. 

The course shows how to mimic the stripes on the Victory while still maintaining an historically correct lay of the planking. Planks are spliced to create this affect of painting with wood. 

This course introduces the modeler to kitbashing. The hull bulkheads are modified to open the main gundeck for detailing. Part 1 covers basic hull construction and the first layer of planking. In Part 2, painting with wood is shown as well as copper plating, deck framing and other deck details. The side galleries are scratchbuilt and the transom is worked with a combination of scratchbuilding and use of kit parts. 

The optional wood package consists of boxwood, holly, ebony and swiss pear. In addition, the plans of the ship drawn by John McKay in his book, 100 Gun Ship Victory, are used to more accurately show how the ship was built. Wood and book (available at Amazon) must be purchased separately as well as the kit itself (available at Ages of Sail). 

This course is ideal for modelers with some model shipbuilding experience, preferably with more complex models. Because of the kitbashing procedures, much more is covered in this course including the technique of painting with wood.

With this course, the modeler will learn a new method of planking the hull (not previously covered) called painting with wood, how to build deck furniture, how to frame decks using actual framing techniques, and much more. The course teaches many of the basics of scratchbuilding as well as more complex techniques and is a stepping stone to a total scratchbuild model. 


The course comes on a CD. The chapters can be printed out by the customer and put in a 3 ring binder, or you can take the CD to an office supply store such as Staples or Office Max and have them print the chatpers for you.


Junior Course, HMS Victory Part 1


The optional Photo CD contains all of the original photos taken when the model was built by Bob. Photos on this optional CD are much larger than those that appear in the course chapters and can be viewed on your computer screen showing greater details than may appear on the printed pages. The Photo CD cannot be purchased separately.

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