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This is the full color printed book version of the new Sophomore Course, King of the Mississippi. This course is based on the Artesania Latina kit of the same name.


The course contains 14 chapters. It details the complete construction of the kit as well as how to add LED's to light up rooms on each deck. There's also a DC motor hidden on the main deck that turns the paddle wheel. 


The practicum not only shows you how to add these extra features but what parts you need and where to buy them. This is a Sophomore Course because there is just so much detail on the model with laser cut parts, quality stripwood, photo-etched parts, and a complete fittings package of cast metal parts, blocks, rope, brass tube for the main smoke stacks, and much more.


The course comes printed in color on high quality paper and spiral bound. A separate CD is included that is sent to customers by me, but the book comes from our printing company and can take a week or longer to be printed and shipped. The CD includes all of the chapters as well as all of the photos I took when I built the model. Each chapter is in Acrobat Reader format (PDF) and all of the photos are in JPEG format.


Although the kit comes with a CD which has a photo essay PDF file that shows step by step how the model is constructed, I found that the sequence of construction shown was not the best sequence to follow. This caused some serious problems that gave me trouble, so the practicum has corrected those problems so that the customer won't encounter them.


The kit can be purchased from various sources. Please see my Additional Info Sections for source details.

Sophomore Course King of the Mississippi Printed Book


You can purchase this kit from Artesania Latina in Spain or Ages of Sail in California.

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