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This is our best video yet. Filmed entirely in high definition 1080p, the movie spans 3 hours and 21 minutes. It demonstrates almost entirely in real time, the double layer planking of the Amati kit Lady Nelson. Only one side of the hull is shown because the time limits of recording on a double layer DVD is 4 hours. But you will see nearly every single plank shaped and laid.

This video not only demonstrates how to do both the inner and outer layers of planking on a typical plank on bulkhead model ship but also demonstrates the use of stealers and joggle planks. This video will play on a computer or a standard DVD player that you would hook up to your TV.

Please do not purchase this video if you have already purchased the Lady Nelson DVD set. This video comes from the Lady Nelson set so you don't need to purchase both products.

Planking a Model Ship

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