Our mini-practicum on Silver Soldering will show you a better way to solder those metal fittings. Silver soldering produces a stronger solder joint that is even harder than the metal being joined. 

Have you ever tried to solder several joints on a given fitting or piece of metal only to have them come unsoldered when you reheated the metal for the next joint? You can't do it. Reheating the metal just melts any joints that are a part of the metal you are heating. But if those joints are silver soldered, they won't melt. 

The tools show above can be simplified for this procedure to work. A double tank system as shown is a nice setup but now you can silver solder with just a mini-torch sold by Micro Mark. The min-torch uses small and inexpensive replaceable fuel canisters. 

Learn this valuable technique today and make those metal fittings stronger so that they will last a lifetime. 


The course comes on a CD. The chapters can be printed out by the customer and put in a 3 ring binder, or you can take the CD to an office supply store such as Staples or Office Max and have them print the chatpers for you.


Silver Soldering

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