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The Flying Dutchman is a practicum based on the Occre kit which is their representation of the Hollywood ship built and used in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. The kit features an open area on the starboard side that shows off interior details such as cannons, barrels, buckets, and wrapped goods and is lit up using LED lights. The side gallery structure is removeable and has lighting inside it as well.


The practicum covers hull construction only. It consists of 10 chapters and includes detailed instructions on what parts to buy on Amazon to add the lighting in the central hull lower deck and hold are as well as the stern galleries. The stern gallery structure is removeable to give you access to a power on/off switch and to change the 2 AAA batteries as well.


The practicum consists of 10 chapters and comes with all of the photos taken when the model was built. A separate practicum will be written and offered at a later date.


The practicum comes on a 4.7 gigabyte DVD. Be sure that your comptuer has a DVD drive in it and not a CD drive. CD drives can not read a data DVD. This practicum is not available for download due to the size of it and the photos. You can purchase a DVD drive on Amazon for about $20.00.


Sophomore Course, Flying Dutchman


The kit can be purchased directly from. The lighting is custom made from off the shelf products available on Amazon. The practicum gives you a complete list of what you will need to add the lighting.

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