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The Golden Hind is a Freshman Course based on the Ocre kit. This course consists of 10 chapters and comes automatically with the Photo CD (sent separately) which has not only all of the original high resolution photos shown in the practicum but others not in the practicum as well. The following chapters are included:


  • Forward
  • Chapter One, Part 1.1 - A Word About Tools
  • Chapter Two, Part 2.1 - Identifying Parts
  • Chapter Two, Part 2.2 - The Basic Framework
  • Chapter Three, Part 3.1 - General Discussion
  • Chapter Three, Part 3.2 - Installing the Sub-decks
  • Chapter Three, Part 3.3 - Installing the Skins
  • Chapter Four, Part 4.1 - First Layer of Planking
  • Chapter Five, Part 5.1 - Second Layer of Planking
  • Chapter Six, Part 6.1 - Planking the Decks
  • Chapter Seven, Part 7.1 - The Deck Furniture
  • Chapter Eight, Part 8.1 - Exterior Details
  • Chapter Nine, Part 9.1 - Making the Masts
  • Chapter Ten, Part 10.1 - Making the Yardarms


The book is in full color on high quality 8-1/2" x 11" paper and spiral bound. The cost of the practicum in book form is greater due to the cost of having it printed and bound.


This is the most detailed of all of our practicums. A great deal of time was spent building the model, and more importantly correcting errors in the kits instructions which mainly consist of a photo essay. The essay leaves out a great deal of details and doesn't explain how the many parts of this model must be made.


A separate masting and rigging practicum is available It is equally as detailed and also corrects many errors in the masting and rigging drawings. The Masting and Rigging practicum covers using the kits included sails. It consists of 8 very detailed chapters. They are:


  • Chapter One, Part 1.1 - Introduction
  • Chapter Two, Part 2.1 - Attaching Blocks to Yardarms
  • Chapter Three, Part 3.1 - Attaching Sails to Yardarms
  • Chapter Four, Part 4.1 -Attaching Blocks to Masts
  • Chapter Five, Part 5.1 - Attaching Standing Rigging to Masts
  • Chapter Six, Part 6.1 - Mounting the Masts and Standing rigging
  • Chapter Seven, Part 7.1 - Attaching Yardarms to Masts
  • Chapter Eight, Part 8.2 - Completing Running Rigging


The Masting and Rigging practicum is also in printed book format.


Initially coupon codes are not be allowed nor will they work when you purchase this printed book practicum. Because the practicum is new, coupon codes will not be allowed until sufficient sales have been received to cover the investment of time and associated cost it took to purchase, build the kit, and write the practicum.


The Golden Hind as Printed Book


The Golden Hind kit is made by Ocre and can be purchased from Ages of Sail

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