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I'm pleased to announce my newest practicum offer designed for the 21st century. Using 3D technology, this practicum covers 3D printing and 3D CNC milling to a whole new level. Everything you need to know on how to choose a 3D printer, what printers to consider, how to choose a CNC milling machine and what machines to consider, how to draw objects in full 3D using free software by Autodesk (Fusion 360), how to turn those drawings into files that are compatible with todays FDM and resin printers as well as G-code driven CNC milling machines, how to slice up a 3D image for 3D printing using the free Prusa Slicer for FDM printers or Chitubox for resin printers, as well as how to generate G-code for 3D milling using GRBL controllers and Fusion 360's CAM software. It's all there, in one place with a total of 9 chapters. The research has been done and everything you need to learn to get started in using 3D technology for your model shipbuilding is oulined in this very detailed practicum.


The practicum comes on multiple CD's and includes not only the 9 chapters but also Windows and Mac compaitble CNC controller software. Also included are instructions on how to download free software such as the very popular Prusa slicer for FDM 3D printers, Chitubox slicer for resin 3D resin printers, and how to use Fusion 360 CAM to generate G-code for CNC milling machines. And don't forget, this practicum even covers how to get started in drawing objects in 3D such as a door with full 3D panels as well as simpler objects such as a cannon carriage.


I've taken the mystery out of using 3D technology for model shipbuilding and done all of the research for you. I have been suing 3D technology for many, many years myself including 3D FDM printing, 3D resin printing, and CNC milling of complete plank on frame model ships. I have the experience needed to teach you what I know about this technology, so if you have a question, I can provide the support needed through my private support forum which you will be invited to join when you purchase this practicum.


The practicum comes on CD and is compatible with Windows and Mac computers. Please be sure to read our refund policies before purchasing this pracitcum. If you have any questions, please ask me before you buy. See my Contact page on my website.

Using 3D Technology for Model Shipbuilding

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