Volume V of my Detailed Guide to Scratch Building Model Ships covers the different types of framing jigs you can design and make to frame your model.


This volume goes into detail on the two primary types of framing jigs: the Hahn style upside down framing jig with my own design of a keel clamp, and the right side up framing jig using different designs I created when I was designing true plank on frame kits.


Each volume is printed in full color on glossy paper. Even the book's front and back cover are on heavy stock glossy paper. This is a very high quality printed book, 8-1/2" x 11" with heavy duty spiral binding that enables you to open the book and lay it flat on your workbench while building your model.


The following topics are covered in ths volume:


  • Hahn Style Jig Design
  • Right Side Up Jig Design


This volume has 44 pages and 38 color photos.



Volume V, A Detailed Guide to Scratch Building Model Ships

  • Each Volume will be shipped directly from my print-on-demand publisher, Lulu.com. A standard shipping charge will apply for each volume to cover not only the cost of packaging and shipping but also credit card processing.

  • No International shipping whatsoever. That includes Canada. International shipping has proven to be unreliable and extremely costly due to the weight of the books. Sorry but we can only ship to US addresses.

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