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Volume X of my Detailed Guide to Scratch Building Model Ships covers the upper deck details found on the forecastle deck, quarterdeck, and poop deck of a warship of the 18th century.


This volume covers the construction of upper decks and their deck

furniture such as the forecastle and quarter deck. You'll learn such

things as how to make a ship's wheel from scratch, how to make

curved top hatchs, and how to make a skylight. Details on the poop

deck are also covered in this volume.


Each volume is printed in full color on glossy paper. Even the book's front and back cover are on heavy stock glossy paper. This is a very high quality printed book, 8-1/2" x 11" with heavy duty spiral binding that enables you to open the book and lay it flat on your workbench while building your model.


The following topics are covered in ths volume:


  • Framing the Forecastle Deck
  • Forecastle Catheads
  • Forecastle Bitts
  • Forecastle Hatch Coaming
  • Forecastle Breastworks
  • Ship's Stove Pipe
  • Elm Tree Pumps
  • Carronades
  • Forecastle Breasthook
  • Quarterdeck Framing
  • Quarterdeck Hatch Coamings
  • Ship's Wheel
  • Rudder Box
  • Quarterdeck Rails
  • Gangways
  • The Binnacle
  • Poop Deck Details


This volume has 76 pages and 63 color photos.



Volume X, A Detailed Guide To Scratch Building a Model Ship


Each Volume will be shipped directly from my print-on-demand publisher, A standard shipping charge will apply for each volume to cover not only the cost of packaging and shipping but also credit card processing.

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