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Our Website Special includes almost all of our College of Model Shipbuilding courses, with or without their respective photo CD's and with or without the Freshman Course, Lady Nelson on 7 two hour DVD's (4.7 gigabytes on each DVD).


The following courses are included in this special if you were to purchase them separately. The price shown here includes the photo CD for each course. All of the courses listed below fill up 3 data DVD's (4.7 gigabytes per DVD) each. The Fair American course also includes a video DVD (4.7 gigabytes on that DVD).


  • Prep School Course, Bluenose ($120.00)
  • Prep School Course, Swift ($105.00)
  • Freshman Course, Armed Virginia Sloop ($110.00)
  • Freshman Course, HMAV Bounty ($120.00)
  • Freshman Course, HMS Pegasus/HMS Fly ($120.00)
  • Freshman Course, Mayflower** ($120.00)
  • Freshman Course, Fair American ($120.00)
  • Sophomore Course, USF Constitution (includes masting and rigging) ($205.00)
  • Sophomore Course, Pride of Baltimore ($120.00)
  • Sophomore Course, HM Bark Endeavour ($120.00)
  • Sophomore Course, HMS Vanguard ($120.00)
  • Junior Course, Rattlesnake (includes masting and rigging) ($235.00)
  • Junior Course, HMS Victory ($220.00)
  • Senior Course, Hannah ($195.00)


All of these practicums, when purchased separately, have a total cost of $2300.00 when you include the Lady Nelson which is normally $150.00. Purchasing this special with photo CD's and the Lady Nelson saves you $1925.00.


What you don't get with this special is the Duke William and the HMS Roebuck. These must be purchased separately. With photo CD's and the Lady Nelson, the special comes on a toal of 11 data DVD's, each 4.7 gigabytes in storage.


NOTE: The Fair American also includes a separate video DVD called Planking the Fair American. You will receive this DVD even if you purchase the special without the photo CD's and without the Lady Nelson.


** Is included only if you select the optional Photo CD's

Complete College Special Option 1

SKU: 0009

The optional Photo CD's contain all of the original photos taken when the models were built by Bob. Photos on this optional CD's are much larger than those that appear in the course chapters and can be viewed on your computer screen showing greater details than may appear on the printed pages. The Photo CD's cannot be purchased separately.

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