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Lauck Street Shipyard is committed to supporting our customers after the sale. Often customers don't quite understand the practicum instructions and will need clarity when questions arise. At times something goes wrong in their construction of the subject model, and they need advice on how to proceed with the build or how to solve that problem. At times a customer may have trouble understanding how the disk(s) he or she received actually work. If any of these situations arise, we can help.


We provide support for paid customers ONLY. You must purchase one of our products to obtain support from us. Please use our Contact page to ask support questions.

We can normally respond to your questions within 24 hours and often quite faster. If we are unable to help you immediately, we will at least respond with an explanation. This will usually be because we are not home and thus do not have access to our own copy of the practicum or photos. If that is the case, we will tell you so and give you an estimated time when we can get back to you with a more precise answer to your question(s).

Thank you,

Bob Hunt

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