Lauck Street Shipyard is committed to supporting our customers after the sale. Often customers don't quite understand the practicum instructions and will need clarity when questions arise. At times something goes wrong in their construction of the subject model, and they need advice on how to proceed with the build or how to solve that problem. At times a customer may have trouble understanding how the disk(s) he or she received actually work. If any of these situations arise, we can help. Simply contact us using our Contact page and explain your problem.

We are committed to provide such support after the sale. If you are a paid customer, please visit our support forum to post your questions. If you haven't already registered, you must sign up first. Note: We only provide support to paid customers. To visit the forum click here.

Thank you,

Bob Hunt

(If you are having trouble logging into the forum or are receiving an error that says you don't have permission to access the forum, please contact me immediately using the Contact page.)