Geoff M. - Harvard, IL

I just wanted you to know what a great job you are doing and how much I appreciate your efforts. As you know I travel all over the midwest hauling race horses and am on the road a great deal of the time. Your practicums make my modeling go very well. Without them I would be lost. I can't tell you how proud I was to complete my first planking layer of the AVS. I must have looked at it for hours. I was really amazed that I (with your help) actually did it.

Your AVS practicum is first rate; very helpful but demanding imagination and, thus, a very great way to learn. As I once wrote to you, I had started my AVS before I knew of your college. How I wish that I had had your guidance when I started. I do "kit bash" (like adding an outhaul to the topmast forestay traveler and making the oar ports more like portals through which to fire hand guns (through ignorance) and adding small blocks where the flag lines attach). But I so very much rely on your tutelage. I spent fifty years in managing philanthropic endeavors. Never did please everyone. But those that really mattered were satisfied (well, so they told me). But situations that left unhappiness are ones that stick in ones mind. Only makes us want to do better next time. 

My best, professor Bob. Know that you are appreciated.

Roger S. - Wildbraham, MA

Bob, I just want you to know that I think you are great for the hobby. I admire your energy, your willingness to take on new tasks and your refusal to get involved in the pettiness and one-up-manship that the daily e-mails expose. Using your practicum, my Rattlesnake is (slowly) taking shape and my pride in it should be shared by you as its inspiration. So keep on keepin' on... best ....

Lawrence F. - Shreavesport, LA

Geoff W. - Gainsville, FL

I want you to know that you are singularly responsible for me being able to have the knowledge, insight, or at least the understanding of what I do NOT know, to be able to proceed with such a plan. A year ago, I would have panicked looking at the base model and its lack of instructions as to how to proceed. As it is, I am simply scoffing at the lack of instruction and figuring out how to go well beyond the scope of the intent of the model. Thank you Bob for your understanding of the issue of lack of guidance for newcomers to the hobby (art!!)

Cubia C - Tularsora, NM

Hi Bob, Just a note to let you know the practicum disk arrived this morning. I've already had a chance to load it and briefly scan it. I am impressed and grateful that this kind of help is available. I've been reading the messages on the forum and feel I've already learned a lot, and yes, I know I'm just starting.

Bob, your practicums are worth their weight in gold, period. I have thoroughly enjoyed the AVS practicum and have read ahead in all the others in anticipation of the fun to come when I get to them. You have done an outstanding job, absolutely without doubt. You explain things very, very well -- and coupled with the ample photos, diagrams, and videos -- wow, what value your practicums are.

Alan H - Snellville, GA 

Bob, I really do appreciate the Practicums you have put together. I believe it is a great help to those of us who are tired of kits and kit bashing but are not totally capable of scratch building on our own. While I would love to invest the time and funds to research and draw plans and build from scratch, I also have many other responsibilities in life. The Practicums build a bridge and get us part of the way there. Especially when there are no local modeling clubs nearby.

Jeff S. - Spencerport, NY 

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